Each of Tabitha’s programs developed from working closely with Cambodian communities and listening to their needs. Tabitha’s integrated approach to community development has shown that Cambodian families will quickly and enthusiastically find a path to self-sufficiency and a better life.

The Savings Program – the cornerstone of Tabitha’s work – educates and encourages families to save money. This simple concept takes a family away from living day to day, and toward a path of planning for the future. Families quickly see the benefits that savings brings — the purchase of daily essentials moves rapidly into raising livestock (a brood of chicks or a set of piglets) or buying a tool to earn income (a fishing net or sewing equipment). Before long, the family can afford bigger items that creates even more opportunity to earn income, such as a bicycle or a battery.

On average, in only 5 to 7 years, a family “graduates” from the Savings Program and no longer needs Tabitha’s support.