House Building

The House Building program brings volunteers from around the world to help construct houses for families participating in the Savings Program. These families, over the course of several years, have accumulated enough savings to purchase a small tract of land and contribute US$25 toward building materials.

Teams of 12 to 20 volunteers contribute the remaining funds of $1,500 per house, and complete four or more houses per building trip. This donation covers three elements essential to a family’s journey out of poverty:  Housing;  Water; and participation in the Savings Program. Tabitha hires local contractors to construct the foundation and frame the structure, and volunteers can then install floors and walls over the course of two or three days’ time.

Interested in learning more?

Read our House Building Trip Basics and email us to inquire about upcoming trips. Tabitha USA does not lead trips but we are happy to connect you with volunteer trip leaders.