Women's Health

Since its founding, Tabitha has seen the widespread harm caused by illness and the absence of health care. The effects are particularly devastating when a mother is sick, since that directly affects her children as well.

Health care and services available to women in Cambodia are among the poorest in Asia:  85% of women face challenges gaining access to medical care and 90% of women over age 14 suffer from undiagnosed gynaecological infections, cysts or cancers.

In 2011, Tabitha determined that it was essential to respond to the absence of accessible, quality health care options for women, and the construction of Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital began. Scheduled for completion at the end of 2017, the 200-bed, 72,000 square foot hospital will provide basic and advanced gynaecological and oncology services that are currently inaccessible or unavailable to most women in Cambodia.

Additional health services will include:

An Education and Prevention Unit to educate women about preventive medicine and when to seek medical intervention.

Mobile clinics for screening, educating, providing treatments for minor ailments, and assessing and identifying more severe cases for transfer to the hospital.

A Research Unit for studies on the illnesses affecting Cambodian women, creating a data bank for use in the broader public health arena.