Want to Get Involved?

Regardless of the level of activity you seek, there is a way to get involved  and support Tabitha’s programs in Cambodia.  One of the most gratifying things about helping Tabitha is how much can be accomplished with even a small donation.

Our donors and supporters range widely, from foundations who fund new water wells for thousands of people each year, to a 5th grader who sends in $30 so that a Cambodian family can raise a set of piglets.  We have American volunteers who travel to Cambodia to build houses for Tabitha families who are in the Savings Program and have worked for years to raise their $50 contribution toward materials.  We have high school clubs that raise awareness and money for Cambodia, and we have individuals around the country who sell silk goods within their communities, or buy Tabitha’s beautiful products to give as gifts.  We welcome your involvement at any level and thank you for your support!